By Semester (recommended)

  • Monash students (includes club membership): $150
  • Staff, alumni, community: $180


  • Train up to twice per week, at both our Clayton and Caulfield classes
  • Semester fees are due from 1 January, and 1 July each year
  • Includes registration with our parent Federation, allowing access to gradings, contests, and seminars.

Late start fee (available from 1 April, 1 October): $100

Casual training

  • Monash students: $10 per class
  • Guests : $15 per class

There is a limit of 4 classes, after which you may switch to Semester payment.


  • This is an expensive way to train, suitable for trying out a few classes.
  • It is does not include registration with our parent Federation.

How to pay

Payment by credit card is our preferred method – available at both classes.

Training uniform (gi)

When you begin training just wear track pants & borrow a jacket from the club.  Eventually you will want to purchase your own training uniform (gi). These are  available through the club.